Warren Rupp SANDPIPER Pumps – A “Sweet Success” For Leading Producer of Maraschino Cherries

Warren Rupp® SANDPIPER® Pumps – A “Sweet Success” For Leading Producer of Maraschino Cherries

Problem Overview
Dells Maraschino Cherry Company, Inc., the largest producer of Maraschino cherries in the Northeast, needed a reliable pumping system with excellent solids handling capabilities. Their previous pumps repeatedly clogged with cherry stems that often broke off during the production process. This created huge maintenance headaches and slowed production. Dells was also looking for a way to increase production by installing additional cherry bins within already limited space.

Solution Overview 
The local Warren Rupp representative was able to help Dells solve their dilemma by installing Warren Rupp SANDPIPER® S07 Nitrile/Nitrile Trihedral pumps. The unique trihedral solids-handling valve design in these air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps remains open, allowing the cherry stems to flow through. This eliminated the previous problem of clogging and allowed Dells processors to continue operating. One of the most valuable benefits of the trihedral valve pumps for Dells was the fact that they are the only pumps that are “position non-sensitive,” which means they can be mounted in any direction. This solved Dells’ space problem. Within two years of installing the new SANDPIPER Pumps, Dells’ production increased from 200,000 pounds to 1,000,000 pounds of cherries per month. They are already planning to expand, which is no easy task in New York City!

The Story 
The production of Maraschino cherries is a very demanding operation at Dells Maraschino Cherry Company. The entire process involves several preparatory stages to preserve the cherries, add sweetener, and give them the beautiful red color for which they are so famous and so recognizable to consumers. In fact, this colorful process ranging from yellow to orange to brilliant red is a remarkable sight as literally thousands of cherries change color right before your eyes!

One of the biggest problems Dells faced was the clogging of pumps from cherry stems that tend to break off during the pumping of liquids throughout the various production stages. Their previous pumps did not handle solids well and were very prone to clogging, causing maintenance headaches and lost production time. Another problem for Dells was finding a way to add more bins within limited production space in order to increase business. The previous standard pump mounting requirements did not allow much room for expansion.

The local Warren Rupp Representative recommended to Dells Warren Rupp’s SANDPIPER S07 Trihedral pump for several very good reasons. Its unique trihedral solids-handling valve design creates a sealing affect, allowing the valve to close. This meant the pumps would not clog and would continue operating, saving Dells valuable production time and maintenance costs. In addition, no check valve seats are required, which reduces service parts costs. Further, the Trihedral pump was able to solve Dells space dilemma with its ability to be mounted in any position. This unique “position non-sensitive” feature allows wall mounting flexibility including side, horizontal, and multi-directional vertical positioning. This proved to be a huge benefit for Dells, allowing them to add more cherry bins—top, middle and bottom rows—to their limited production area. The SANDPIPER Trihedral pumps proved to be an excellent choice for Dells on all counts. They now had a reliable pumping system and could add more bins to increase their production from 200,000 to 1,000,000 pounds of cherries per month. It was a SWEET success for Dells. Now Dells is looking forward to expanding their operations in New York City!

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