Donaldson Torit®: WSO Mist Collector Captures Mist During Bearing Manufacturing

Donaldson® Torit®: WSO Mist Collector Captures Mist During Bearing Manufacturing

Energy Efficient. Easy to Maintain.

INDUSTRY: Bearing manufacturing
PROBLEM: Inefficient, out-dated equipment resulting in excessive operating costs
SOLUTION: Donaldson® Torit® WSO Mist Collectors reduce energy usage, maintenance time and cost

When a Midwestern bearing manufacturer installed its centralized collection system many years ago, it was state of the art, top of the line – a real performer in its day. But with the passing of time, innovation in in-plant filtration technology had outpaced the efficiency of the now behemoth monster, which includes miles of ductwork that hangs from the plant’s ceiling. It was time for a change. Enter Donaldson Torit.

“The existing centralized system was inefficient to operate, and this resulted in excessive operating costs,” said Dave Godlevske, District Manager at Donaldson Torit, a designer and manufacturer of in-plant air filtration and pollution control systems, replacement filters and products that reduce dust, fume, and mist contaminants in the workplace. “Our customer needed a filtration solution that would capture mist during the wet manufacturing process and recycle it back through the system. It had to be energy efficient and easy to maintain.” Donaldson Torit mounted a WSO Mist Collector on each of 20 machines on the manufacturing line.

The Donaldson Torit WSO Mist Collector provides three filtering solutions for the three mist categories: water-soluble coolants, straight oil, and oily smoke – an ideal solution for the wet manufacturing processes used in bearing manufacturing. As coolant is sprayed on hot metal during the bearing forming process, mist is generated that can be harmful to the operator. The WSO Mist Collector captures the mist using a crossflow filter manufactured with Synteq XP™ filter media. This proprietary media is engineered for superior drainage, resulting in lower pressure drop and longer filter life. Synteq XP media blends small and large fibers with a proprietary, resin-free bonding system. Smaller fibers are scientifically proven to increase efficiency while larger ones provide structural support and clear drain channels. The proprietary bonding system stabilizes pore structure for optimum performance.

By installing a dedicated WSO for each machine on the production line, the bearing manufacturer has realized a host of operating efficiencies:

  • A reduction in energy usage as only those machines being operated require the use of the WSO collection system;
  • Line operators can monitor filter maintenance by the prominently placed differential pressure gauge thereby extending filter life; and
  • Simplified servicing meant less maintenance time and cost.

Since installing the initial 20 WSO mist collectors, an additional 20 collectors have been installed on the bearing manufacturing line with plans for more in the future. “We delivered on our promise of operating efficiency and reduced maintenance cost,” concluded Godlevske. “As additional WSOs are installed, we know our customer will continue to run a leaner manufacturing facility.”

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