Taylor Products Model GW Valve Bagging Equipment

Taylor Products: Model GW Valve Bagging Equipment

The Taylor GW Series Auger Packer is excellent for bagging a wide range of products: seeds, resins, plastics, sand, rubber granulars, fertilizers and abrasives. Self-cleaning design facilitates change of products without contamination. Practical design makes the GW Series transportable and adaptable to existing construction. To operate, place bag on spout and pull gate handle to start—fill shuts off automatically. When bag is full, press foot lever to remove bag.

Economical Valve Bagging
• Coarse powders
• Granular products
• 15 lb oto 125 lb capacity
• Up to 3 bags per minute


27.0 in x 28.0 in x 28.0 in
Speed Up to 3 BPM
Accuracy Up to 0.8%
Weight Range
15 – 125 lbs
Scale Beam
Construction Carbon Steel Blasted and Painted
Electrical Requirements
115 V, single phase
Popular Options
Stainless Steel Construction


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