Smoot Type 6 Airlock

Smoot Type 6 Airlock

Type 6, Square Flange

The Smoot Type 6 airlock is constructed to withstand the most abrasive of materials. The housing is constructed with rugged NiHard steel, a closed end rotor constructed of A36 carbon steel, and Stellite on wear surfaces. The Type 6 is designed to perform with the toughest of material


  • Super abrasion-resistant design
  • Cylinder constructed of cast NiHard
  • Closed end rotor constructed of carbon steel with Stellite on wear surfaces
  • Outboard bearings with 3 molyurethane U-cup packing rings per side
  • Chain and sprocket drive with guard
  • Supplied with black neoprene open cell sponge rubber flange gaskets


  • Relieved tips and vane edges
  • High temperature modifications
  • Shaft air purge
  • Teflon rotor coatings
  • Reduced capacity rotors
  • Zero speed switches
  • Sand blast preparation and custom paint
  • Motor mounting brackets
  • Low pressure cavity air purge

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