Fisher-Klosterman high efficiency cyclones meet state and federal requirements

A hardwood products manufacturing plant asked Fisher-Klosterman® to
replace existing, contractor-designed cyclone. These cyclones resulted
in emissions in excess of 30 lb/hr. Using proprietary cyclone modeling
programs, Fisher-Klosterman® offered and supplied replacement cyclones
able to reduce the emissions to less than 3 lb/hr, thus meeting state
and federal air permit requirements. This new design enabled a large
portion of the existing structure and duct to be salvaged and reused,
reducing the expense of this rework to the process. Fisher-Klosterman
partnered with a local contractor for installation and provided a
turnkey solution to the problem.

  • Design Conditions:
  • 28,750 acfm – 36,450 acfm
  • Inlet loading:
  • 8,400 lb/hr (34 gr/acf)
  • Outlet loading:
  • 3 lb/hr (0.1gr/acf)
  • Why Fisher-Klosterman®
  • Collection efficiency guarantee
  • Custom engineered to meet your specific process requirements
  • Experienced problem solving sales team

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