Duall Division’s Beta NOx 2000 scrubber and ventilation system controls industrial wastewater odors

Heritage Environmental, An Indianopolis, Indiana firm specializing in treatment and reclamation of industrial wastewater from steel mills and other industrial processors, wanted to upgrade their facility with a new scrubbing and ventilation system.

The Site Engineer, Lab Manager, and Facilities Managers specified a wet scrubber with the capability to ventilate and scrub 14 various process and storage tanks. The potential pollutants were, NOx, inorganic alkalies/acids, H2S, NHand lime dust.

Duall personnel visited the facility prior to submitting a proposal to perform a complete site measure. A total turn-key multi-stage equipment package complete with installation was propose.

Stage One of the system would handle 6,800 CFM flow containing NOx, inorganic acids, alkalies, and H2S. Stage Two would treat the residual 6,800 CFM from Stage One plus an additional 5,200 CFM flow laden with NH3, which if allowed to combine in Stage One would cause an aerosol plume. An innovative point source control of lime dust utilized wetted stainless steel Duall Mist Misers at two process tanks to minimize duct cleaning of lime feed materials which plagued the operators in the past.

Plant Engineer, Alex Burnett said, “Duall was chosen over their competitors due to their attention to details, the completeness of their proposed work, and their dedication to successful project completion.”

Present Status
The new system is successfully treating the process effluents and ventilation in the plant is dramatically improved. This system has been in continuous operation since May, 1999.

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