ProMinent delta® with optoDrive®

ProMinent® delta® with optoDrive®

The best of both worlds!

ProMinent® offers the revolutionary new optoDrive® for the first time in the delta® series. The optoDrive® allows the suction & discharge stroke duration to be adjusted. This provides a turn down ratio of 36,000:1. The delta® is a solenoid driven, diaphragm metering pump. It covers a feed range from 2.0 gph at 363 psi (8 l/h at 25 bar) to 20 gph at 29 psi (75 l/h at 2 bar). Due to its wide adjustment range – both the stroke length and the stroke rate can be varied – this output range is covered by seven different pump sizes. This reduces the variety of replacement parts and therefore the operating costs. The pumps are just as easy to operate as the popular ProMinent® gamma/ L and Sigma series.


  • Emulsion polymer feed
  • Process applications requiring a large turn down
  • Water and Wastewaer treatment
  • Cooling tower and Boilers

Features and benefits

  • Adjustable suction and discharge stroke duration delivers a more even flow
  • optoDrive uses the pump energy profile to indicate over-pressure and loss of prime without the need for an external flow monitor
  • Auto-degassing design is ideal for off-gassing chemistries such as bleach and peracetic acid (PAA)
  • Turndown ratio makes it possible to reduce the number of pump models required for standardization.

delta® built-in auto-degassing technology

  • Options to de-gas upon loss of pressure and/or periodically for prevention
  • Self detection and correction of airlock (loss of pressure)
  • Increased safety through the automatic detection of blocked or broken discharge lines
  • Eliminates the need to dilute hypochlorite for small water treatment systems.
  • Increased pump accuracy through automatic correction of flow over a wide variation of back pressure

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