Aerovent Supplies System For Accurate Temperature and Humidity Control

Aerovent Supplies System For Accurate Temperature and Humidity Control

American Industrial Corporation, a leader in the finishing systems industry, recently came to Aerovent with a request to provide special equipment that could deliver humidity controlled warm air for a large automated paint facility, where wood windows are manufactured. The units needed to fit within a small footprint and still provide good air distribution, as well as accurate temperature and humidity control. In addition, the equipment was required to have special explosion proof features.

Working with the Aerovent engineering department in Minneapolis, a special direct driven Aerovent Type W vaneaxial steam environmental control unit was proposed, in all-aluminum construction, complete with clam-shell fan design, explosion proof motor, filters and steam coil section. Some units were equipped with factory installed steam humidifiers. A conical discharge diffuser was provided on the top of the unit to distribute the air. The unit configuration resembled an air turnover unit, with the components installed to provide easy access to all areas of the unit.

The units provided exactly the performance that the customer was looking for, while complying with the tight space requirement of the job. An initial order for seven units resulted in additional order for eight, totaling fifteen units.

This is another example of Aerovent’s capability of providing imaginative, engineered solutions in the design and construction of industrial duty air handling products.

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