Seepex: Traffic Safety Despite Ice and Snow

Traffic safety despite ice and snow.

Ice on the wings or the tail of an airplane changes the airflow and causes an undesired increase in weight. Ice and snow particles can break off and damage the engines or the tail unit. For the prevention of these risks airplanes are treated with environment-friendly de-icing agents before the take-off during the winter months.

The starting situation
The main component of aviation de-icing agents is glycol, and in order to store and process the fluid, a special treatment and conveyance system is required. Special pumps with a minimal shear rate on the product have to be deployed to prevent the destruction of the molecular chains.

The solution
For this purpose the progressive cavity pumps come into play. Due to the construction of the two conveying elements, rotor and stator, the medium is pumped into chambers, guaranteeing a gentle conveyance of the fluid. This gentle treatment ensures improved surface adhesion properties of the de-icing fluid during the takeoff procedure.

The seepex BN series pumps are used at a medium temperature of approximately 50°F to 140°F and run only during the winter season from October to April. The pumps are installed right next to the storage tank and deliver the relatively warm de-icing fluid from the tank into the de-icing vehicles.

The benefit
Until today the engaged pumps have not shown any wear and have run without any problems. The operators were particularly satisfied with the gentle conveyance.


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