Tuthill Global Gear Process Pumps

Tuthill Global Gear Pumps
Tough Pumps with Field Proven Reliability

Fluid Engineering is pleased to represent Tuthill and its Global Gear line of internal gear process pumps. 

GlobalGear® builds on a time-tested design and more than 80 years of gear pump engineering experience. Capable of tackling the toughest highviscosity applications, the GlobalGear® Process Pump handles everything from bulk transfer, chocolate and asphalt, to hightemperature fluids and chemical processing.

GlobalGear® uses robust pump design together with tougher and stronger materials to make the pump last longer. When maintenance is required, in-line seal maintenance and back pull-out features are available to make the servicing of the pumps quicker and easier. The result? An unbeatable pump that offers unparalleled performance.

The Inside Reliability Story Behind GLOBALGEAR®
The Pump designed for you!

Tuthill's GlobalGear® was developed based on customer input, and customer input in the process industries clearly points to the need for better gear pump reliability and specifically better seal reliability. The opportunity for better reliability is created by the situation that many pumps applied on viscous liquids are fundamentally designed for packing and later adapted to mechanical seals. In many cases, the seals being selected were designed for use with water-like liquids. Pumps designed for packing combined with mechanical seals designed for thin liquids are no match to offer extended reliability with demanding viscous liquid applications.

GlobalGear® design features for extended seal life include:

  • Oversized shaft and bearing diameters in sizes 120 thru 550
  • Large bore size for stuffing boxes
  • Pressurized fluid paths for seal lubrication
  • Options for viscous liquid duty seals

GlobalGear® Materials and Size Address a WIDER RANGE OF APPLICATIONS.
GlobalGear® pumps are available in nominal flows of 15 to 550 gpm at pressures up to 200 PSI.


The rotor and idler gears are made of tough materials, which can handle the stresses of high-viscosity and high-pressure operation.No need for steel rotor upgrade.

Revolutionary lubrication method extends overall life by reducing friction.

Models employ high-strength shaft materials. This, along with oversized shaft diameters, ensures a strong, reliable shaft.

Maintenance Free.
Lube for Life.

Introducing the HG VERSION GLOBALGEAR®, for the toughest of tough services.
THE CHALLENGE…Provide a pump that will:


  • Handle side loads of belt drive and allow for the sheave to be mounted directly on the pump input shaft
  • Handle thrust loads associated with high system pressure
  • Handle cold starts where the temperature drops to minus 20°F
  • Withstand operation in a high vibration environment
  • Design for five year life with only scheduled preventative maintenance lubrication

Tuthill answers with the HG set of severe services upgrades:

  • Interference fit, paired single row bearings capable of 80,000 hours B-10 life
  • Heavy duty hard face slurry type seals
  • Extra shaft length to accommodate belt sheave
  • Cartridge style drive module for bearing and seal renewal in minutes by a non-specialized crew

The back pull-out design greatly reduces down-time for service – the pump can be repaired without disturbing piping or shaft alignment.

GlobalGear was introduced in 2001, and since then more than 9,000 pumps have been shipped to locations all over the world.

INDUSTRIES AND APPLICATIONS Where GlobalGear Pumps Have Been Applied
Chemical Processing: Polymers, resins, adhesives, glues, solvents, sodium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, phosphoric acid, plasticizers, pigments, catalysts, additives, polyvinyl alcohol, silicone oils
API 676 rotary pumps, asphalt, grease, lube oil, motor oil, turbine oil, fuel oil, bunker C heavy fuel oil, diesel fuel, synthetic oils, odorant, additives, drilling support systems
Inks and pigments
Personal Products:
Soap, detergents, surfactants, perfume, paraffin wax
Polyurethane Foam Manufacturing:
Polyol, isocyanate, fire retardants
Pulp & Paper:
Starch, clay coatings, tall oil
Paints & Coatings:
Paint, stains, varnish, enamel, solvents
Construction Materials:
Asphalt, filled asphalt, caulk, concrete additives
Agricultural Chemicals:
Biocides, herbicides, urea
Kerosene, Skydrol, glycol
Food & Beverage:
Soybean oil, canola oil, hot fry oil, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, glucose, molasses, honey, liquid sugars, chocolate, tallow, lard, peanut butter, caramel coloring, mustard
Energy & Power:
Biodiesel, glycerin, waste oil
Package Systems:
Hydraulic oil, compressor oil, heat transfer fluids, hot oil, glycol

CUSTOMIZING Your Global Gear Pump
GlobalGear Pumps are versatile and can be customized to meet the requirements of specific applications.
Optional Features:

  • Relief Valves
  • Seal Choices
  • Heat Jackets
  • Oversized and High Pressure Flanges
  • Abrasive Fluid Special Construction
  • High Temperature Construction


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