Fisher-Klosterman Exhaust Scrubber cleans oil-fired boiler exhaust

A clothing company in Honduras needed to clean the gas from an oil
fired boiler. Particulate and SO2 emissions were to be
removed. Although different technologies have been more commonly used on
this process, Fisher-Klosterman® determined that a venturi
scrubber/packed bed absorber system would be the most cost effective and
reliable choice. Capital and operating costs on the Fisher-Klosterman®
design would be lower than the lime injection baghouse (dry scrubber)
alternative and the Fisher-Klosterman® removal efficiency guarantees
would be higher than those expected from a wet spray tower – the system
typically used in this application. The Fisher-Klosterman® system was
installed and has proven to meet stated performance guarantees. The
system includes a high temperature quench, a venturi scrubber, a packed
tower, duct work, fan, exhaust stack and access steel. Materials of
construction include fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), CPVC and 316L
stainless steel.

  • Design Conditions:
  • 28,000 acfm @ 407 degrees F with 33 lb/hr particulate and
    402 ppmv of SO2
  • Guaranteed Efficiencies:
  • Particulate: 99% of 3 microns and larger
  • SO2: 95% by weight
  • Benefits of
    Fisher-Klosterman® Scrubber/Absorber Systems
  • Custom engineered to meet specific application requirements
  • Combines quench / dust removal / gas absorption in one
    compact unit
  • Wide range of quench, venturi throat, moisture separator,
    liquid introduction and packing media designs
  • Complete system responsibility: fan, pump, piping and
    valves, instruments, controls, duct, stack, access steel

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