Duall Division HEV venturi scrubber and Oilmaster mist eliminator team up to eliminate oily graphite

NTN Driveshaf, Inc. of Columbus, Indiana had a history of high maintenance costs with existing dry filters to control oil, dirt, smoke, and other particulates generated by the operation of their 2,000 ton presses. The NTN filter press process creates an oil transluscent vapor containing a graphite particulate which exists the press at a rate of 12,000 ACFM at a temperature of 120°F.

Since Duall Division had successfully designed and installed a phosphae plating line ventilation system at NTN. In 1993, they contacted Duall Division again to supply an oil mist collector that would meet their air emission requirements and reduce their substantial maintenance expense.

Duall Division designed and supplied a Multi-Stage Oilmastertm Scrubber System. Stage 1 consists of a venturi scrubber with a knock-out chamber / mist eliminator and remote water cycle tank for removing the majority of the airborne particulate. Stage 2 consists of a high-efficiency impaction mist eliminator designed to remove the smaller size oil mists.

The project also included an exhaust fan, interconnecting duct and automatic fire dampers, access platform and a NEMA 12 control panel with required instrumentation.

All equipment was fabricated at Duall Division's manufacturing facility in Owasso, Michigan and Duall technicians provided the start-up and operator training services.

Present Status

The system was installed and commissioned in the Spring of 1995 and has operated as designed since start-up. To date, the second stage high-efficiency mist eliminator has not required down time for cleaning due to the effectiveness of the venturi to remove the graphite particulate. NTN estimates that the system paid for itself in less than 12 months.

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