Aerovent Fans: A Sure Bet on the Trump Casino Vessel

Atlantic Marine, the shipbuilder, wouldn’t gamble on just any fan product. Atlantic Marine purchased Aerovent fans, thereby eliminating delays in approval, and maintaining their design integrity in providing their customers with a quality product and on-time delivery.

In all, forty-two Aerovent Type “W” Direct Driven Vaneaxial

Fans were supplied for the Trump Casino vessel project.

Rodney Lay, the naval architect, uses our computer fan selection program to specify the Aerovent equipment, to select the quietest sound levels, provide stable fan curves, and determine adjustable pitch fan blade angle settings.

For this project, fan sizes range from 18″ to 33″ diameter, powered by both single speed and two speed motors designed to meet the weatherproof requirements for IEEE 45 and USCG 259 marine-duty, below-deck service.

Aerovent’s Type “W” vaneaxial fan was chosen for this project based on its proven performance and reliability on several other passenger vessel projects where Aerovent marine-duty vaneaxial fans have been installed.

The Type “W” vaneaxial design provides both the engineer and ship owner a simple, yet very versatile fan for shipboard use.

What makes the Type “W” vaneaxial the right fan for the job? We think there are five advantages:

  • Wide Performance Range: Performance requirements for the Trump Casino project varied from 1800 CFM to 20,000 CFM with up to 2″ of static pressure. Direct drive Type “W” vaneaxials are available from 18″ to 84″ diameter, 1200 CFM to over 200,000 CFM and up to 4″ of static pressure.
  • Compact Design: Fan housing lengths are usually equal to or less than the fan diameter keeping installation space to the bare minimum. The available space for mechanical equipment is always a major design consideration especially on luxury passenger vessels.
  • Quiet Operation: Due to the fan’s close proximity to sleeping quarters, restaurants and public areas, the allowable noise levels from the fan are very stringent. The Type “W” vaneaxial is known for its smooth, stable performance and quiet operation.
  • Manually Adjustable Fan Blades: Adjustable aluminum fan blades make it possible to alter the airflow during final balancing of the supply/ exhaust system.
  • Rugged Steel Housing Construction: Heavygauge flanged housings are built for bulkhead mounting. For ease of installation, the motor leads are extended to the exterior of the fan casing for making all electrical connections.

The complete order was shipped three days ahead of schedule. In a letter from Atlantic Marine’s Mr. George Haynes, he states, “We certainly appreciate vendors who can help us meet our production schedules and furnish quality products.”

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