Fisher-Klosterman pharmaceutical baghouse recovers product from spray dryer

Fisher-Klosterman secured an order for a sanitary fabric collector toclean the exhaust gas of a pharmaceutical spray dryer. Sanitary construction was required in order to prevent product contamination as well as expedite the cleaning process. The unit features a polished stainless steel interior, PTFE coated pleated filter elements, and a davited roof assembly for access to the filters. The collector is also designed to vent a dust explosion per NFPA guidelines.

  • Design Conditions:
  • 1200 ACFM @ 70 °F
  • Filter Velocity = 3.5 fpm
  • Features:
  • 316 stainless steel
  • #4 polished interior
  • Compressed air pulse system
  • PTFE coated pleated filters
  • Davited roof assembly
  • Explosion venting
  • NEMA 9 control panel
  • Sanitary access door and nickel plated valves
  • Why Fisher-Klosterman Fabric Collectors?
  • Custom engineered for your specific application requirements.
  • Available materials of construction include mild steel, stainless steel & alloys, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic.
  • Wide range of gas flows available (1 to >100,000 CFM).
  • Available filter media: polyester, polypropylene, fiberglass, cotton, acrylic, Nomex®, P84®, Teflon®, Ryton®, metal, ceramic, standard bags, cartridges, and pleated filter elements are available.
  • Available options: high temperature or pressure design, polished welds and surfaces, break-apart construction, explosion venting, and ASME code construction.

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