Duall Division Oilmaster Eliminates Cutting Oil Mist at Steel Company

The plant manager at a Chicago steel company was experiencing air quality problems being generated by a bar cutting operation. The cutting machine, which uses a water soluble cutting fluid. creates an oil mist in the plant air because of the heat generated at the source. This oil mist haze was causing employee safety and health concerns. The customer had originally installed a competitor's multi-stage dry filtration system to address the problem, but this system worked only on a limited basis due to constant plugging of the filtration media. 

Duall Division was consulted based on the success of an air pollution control system at a sister company. After a site visit, Duall designed, manufactured and installed a 6000 CFM self-cleaning Oilmastertm system. Because the customer did not have much floor space availabl, a vertical OMPT model was recommended. 

The Oilmastertm uses three stages of mist elimination: Stage 1 uses high-efficiency low-pressure packing. Stage 2 is a composite mesh pad that is 99% efficient down to two-micron mist and particulate. Stage 3 also uses high-efficiency-low pressure packing. The first two stages are continuously flushed with recirculating water to minimize the accumulation of metal fines in the media. The recirculation system incorporates one pump and two three-micron bag filters (one is an online spare) for removal of insoluble particulate in the recycle liquid that would tend to file the media over time. 

OMPT Oilmastertm  Advantages include:

  • Minimal floor space requirements.
  • Clear access doors for easy spray nozzle access.
  • The patented three stage configuration utilizes both packing and composite mesh pad technology for a highly efficient, low energy, and maintenance friendly system.
  • Exhaust meets OSHA indoor air quality standards for oil mist emissions.

Present Status
The customer is no able to clean his plant air and continually operate his process with no maintenance shut downs.


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