Aerovent AMUs Clear the Air for Automotive Equipment Manufacturer

A manufacturer of automotive components began noticing problems in their plant, including cold and drafty areas, poor performance of exhaust fans, and lingering smoke and fumes in the building. Aerovent was called in to solve the problem. After several years of project updating and refining, Aerovent finally got the go-ahead for the initial two units, model GACDW-1600 air make-up units…with more planned.

The duct system design is conventional, with heavy duty drum louvers adjusted downward for summertime ventilation and then pointed slightly higher during the heating season. The duct runs around the perimeter of the plant, providing excellent air distribution to all areas. Each air make-up unit is rated for 100,000 CFM with 90-degree temperature rise.

The units are, for the most part, standard Aerovent construction, built in mirror-image of each other. Each unit is equipped with flange mount disconnect (now standard on Aerovent air make-up units!), Honeywell 7800 keypad display, severe duty motor, and Class II fan construction upgrade. Most importantly, since the units are mounted on a common steel support structure, they also feature heavy duty, wideflange unitary bases with internal spring vibration isolation. the installation contractors support structure design features a wide, common service mezzanine that runs the length of both units, making Aerovent AMUs Clear the Air for Automotive Equipment Manufacturer accessibility and maintenance very easy (see photo).

The units are very quiet and stable, with air volume and amperage readings both “right on the money.” Vibration is also very low, due to the special internal isolation of the fans.

Aerovent's reputation for industrial duty quality and “built-to-suit” manufacturing  capability they needed for the job. You have many choices for air make-up equipment. Choose Fluid Engineering and Aerovent.

Contact Fluid Engineering today for help with you Aerovent AMU unit needs!

Source: Franks, Dave. "Aerovent AMUs Clear the Air for Automotive Equipment Manufacturer." Aerowaves Aerovent Newsletter. Winter 1997: 3.

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