Pleated Bags Extend Filter Life and Reduce Downtime

Industry: Grain
Problem: Short filter life and high maintenance costs
Solution: Donaldson Torit® hydrophobic / oleophobic pleated bags

High Humidity Environment Costs Time and Money
A grain terminal in the southern United States had a major maintenance cost issue. Baghouse filter bags needed replacing every 6 – 8 months due to excessive dust caking caused by the high humidity of their coastal environment. This frequent maintenance was costing the grain facility time and expense, but downtime would cost them even more — up to $180,000/hour, due to the high volumes of grain being processed around the clock.

The Solution:
Thinking the issue was aging baghouses, the Maintenance Manager contacted Donaldson about replacing his collectors. Upon inspecting the site, the sales representative diagnosed a more cost effective solution. He proposed switching to Donaldson’s Hydrophobic/Oleophobic pleated bags, which are better suited for high humidity environments.

The hydrophobic/oleophobic treatment on the filtration media repels water, keeping the filter media dry. In addition, pleated bags keep the dust on the surface of the bag, resulting in more effective pulse cleaning, and the bags stay cleaner, longer. Pleated bags have more media than standard felt bags so the collector can run at a lower air to cloth ratio. This exposes each square foot of filtration media to less dust and increases filter life. Donaldson’s pleated bags have deeper pleats than most competitive offerings, further boosting the media area available.

As an added benefit, Donaldson pleated bags are shorter than standard felt bags and cages, leaving extra space between the dirty air inlet and the bottom of the bags. This space creates a dropout box, allowing dust to drop directly into the hopper, avoiding the bag altogether and extending bag life.
Finally, because pleated bags don’t have bags and cages, replacement time is reduced by 25 – 50%, decreasing downtime and maintenance costs.


Filter life has been extended from 6 – 8 months to 18 – 24 months at this facility. And, because filter change-outs are now faster and easier, maintenance crews can focus their time on critical issues elsewhere, maximizing efficiency, time and money.

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