Aerovent Tubeaxial Paint Spray Booth Exhaust Fans



The Aerovent model BTABD is a belt driven tubeaxial fan that is designed specifically for reliable and cost effective air movement in paint spray booth applications. Model BTABD exhaust fans are designed for applications requiring either a horizontal or a vertical airflow direction.

Sizes and Performance

  • Arrangement 9 – belt driven
  • Available in sizes from 12″ to 42″ diameter
  • Capacity from 1,295 to 36,131 CFM
  • Static pressures to 1.25″ w.g.

Construction Features

  • Aluminum non-sparking propeller dynamically balanced for quiet, vibration-free operation
  • Continuously welded, heavy-gauge, corrosion resistant, enamel coated steel housing with pre-punched inlet and outlet flanges
  • OSHA belt guards are standard
  • Non-relubricable “sealed for life” ball bearings in mono-block housing to ensure reliable bearing performance
  • Designed for continuous duty

Housings are heavy-gauge, hot-rolled steel construction, continuously welded and ground smooth to assure efficient airflow through the housing. Inlet and outlet flanges are integrally rolled and punched to allow attachment to ductwork or accessories as necessary. When an inlet bell is required, the housing is formed with a bell shaped inlet instead of the inlet flange, eliminating the need for and the expense of a separate inlet bell.

Drive Isolated from Airstream 
The shaft and bearing assembly is mounted within an inner cylinder isolated from the airstream. The v-belt drive assembly is enclosed in an aerodynamically designed belt tube which maximizes fan efficiency, minimizes air blockage and reduces noise generation. An access door on the belt tube is standard.


  • Die cast aluminum construction
  • Unique BackSwept profile with airfoil cross section
  • Adjustable pitch blades with factory set blade angles
  • Uses split taper lock bushing for superior holding power on shaft
  • Generates low wake turbulence for low noise emission

Accessories / Options

Inlet and Outlet Guards 
Inlet and outlet guards are offered to protect personnel from the moving parts. Recommended for use when no ductwork is attached to the inlet and/or outlet. Guards are removable for routine inspection and cleaning of the propeller.

Support Legs
Support legs are available for standard platform or floor mounting. The support legs are bolted to the inlet and outlet flange.

Inlet Bell Option
An inlet bell is recommended on the inlet side of the fan to minimize entrance losses for installations where the fan inlet is not attached to a duct system. Inlet bells are an integral part of the fan housing and replace the inlet flange when ordered.

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