Fisher-Klosterman Evolution Dust Collectors

Fisher-Klosterman® Evolution Dust Collectors

The Evolution Series Dust Collector by Fisher-Klosterman is the
culmination of many of the most desirable features obtainable on today’s
dust collectors. The Evolution offers all the right solutions to your
dust collector needs.

Highlights of this innovative design include:

  • True downflow, with drop-out chamber directly into the
    hopper. All of the air to be cleaned does not have to pass through the
    bottom of the bags, as in a conventional baghouse, so “can” velocity, or
    “interstitial” velocity is not a concern. Dirty air does not impinge on
    top of the filter elements as in some so called “down flow” collectors.
  • All maintenance is done from the front, i.e. the timer,
    cleaning mechanism and filter change-out. Typical cartridge filter units
    must have access-front for filter cartridge removal, and access-back
    for cleaning mechanism.
  • The back of the unit is completely usable, if required, for explosion relief venting.
  • Horizontal pleated filter elements (PFE), means smaller
    height requirements. We can often fit inside rooms with low ceiling
    heights. We do not have to stick out over the top of buildings.
  • For comparable volume (CFM) collectors, our floor space requirements are less, anywhere from 21% to 39% less.
  • Smaller height and smaller floor space, translates into less physical volume saving valuable factory space.
  • Uses the filter of the future. Pleated spun bond polyester media. Highlights include:
    1. Pleats are more wide open than in a conventional cellulose
      blend (paper) cartridge filter. With the 226 sq. ft + paper cartridges,
      dusts get buried very deeply into these pleats.
    2. Smoother filter surface acts similar to a membrane filter.
      The filter is not as dependent for a “cake” of filter dust to achieve
      its efficiency.
    3. Tighter filter media, means smaller filter pore openings and this translates into higher efficiency.
    4. Less filter media static pressure drop, because again, the media is not relying on dust cake and has a smoother surface.
    5. Much longer filter life. When the cleaning mechanism
      “fires,” there is very little movement, if any, in the filter itself.
      The collected dusts simply “blow-off”. Because nothing “moves,” the
      filters enjoy very long life. Traditional bags on cages on the other
      hand, must be frequently replaced because the bag goes from negative
      pressure to positive pressure, momentarily inflating the bag, and then
      “snaps” back to negative pressure. It is this constant flexing that
      causes bag filter media to wear-out.
    6. Efficiency of the spun bound polyester media is higher than a
      conventional polyester bag installed on a cage. Its efficiency is about
      identical to that of a cellulose blend cartridge filter.
    7. The filter media is washable. It can be washed using 40 PSI
      “garden hose” water. Other types of filters may tear when washed. Please
      note that filters must be completely dry before being put back in
    8. Pleated filter elements have snap bands for insertion into
      the tube sheet. PFE’s are changed when required from the clean air side.
      You don’t have to go into the dirty air plenum and remove band clamps
      or dirty filters.
  • Available options include:
    1. Explosion vents.
    2. Discharge valves
    3. X-proof controls
    4. Fire suppression or sprinkler system.
    5. Grounded filter media.
    6. Oil and water resistant filter media.
    7. PTFE Membrane filter media.

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