Seepex: Sometimes waste problems get blown out of all proportion.

Sometimes waste problems get blown out of all proportion.

At Ringwood Brewery in Dorset they produce high quality, cask conditioned beer, which they supply to pub chains, free houses and many leading supermarkets. Their business has grown significantly in the past few years and they have had to look at all their systems in order to increase capacity.

The starting situation
One area was the handling of spent grain. As spent grain is a viscous, not naturally flowing product, traditional pumps had been considered, but rejected. The brewery had installed an incline conveyor and spent grain used to be discharged from the mash tun onto the conveyor, which then discharged the product into a tractor-trailer for off-site removal. This was not environmentally friendly. Due to the limited angle of incline at which conveyors can operate effectively, spillages were occurring, causing an unsightly mess and subsequent disposal problems.

The solution
Says Bob Meryan, Ringwood‘s Senior Brewery Engineer “We didn‘t think using a pump would provide a solution – but it did. We installed a pump on a trial basis and it really did the business.“ The trial pump from seepex had an open hopper dropping waste onto an auger feed screw, which in turn carried the non-flowing spent grain into the pump itself.

The benefit
Comments Bob Meryan: “It‘s been great. The pump saved us all the costs seepex said it would – the unit recovering its costs well inside the first year. What was more, the seepex pump brought other benefits. As well as making the production area a lot cleaner, the mash tun is now emptied in half the time it took before, almost doubling our capacity. The savings all round have really been tremendous.“









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