ProMinent Gamma/L Series

ProMinent® Gamma/L Series

The smartest programmable pump in the world! 
The gamma/ L is the world’s first calibrateable solenoid pump. The metered quantity is directly displayed in gph or L/h. The large illuminated LCD display assures that all displayed variables are simple to read.


  • Bleach and other off-gassing fluid applications
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Highly automated processes in nearly all industries
  • Cooling tower and boiler water treatment

Features and benefits 

  • Microprocessor based technology for flexible control: Manual stroke length and frequency, Batch, Remote on/off, Contact Pulse, Analog, 14-Day programmable timer
  • Digital frequency and stroke length adjustment ensures repeatable accuracy
  • Integral bleed valve eliminates priming issues
  • Liquid end materials covering all chemicals
  • Simple calibration allows pump to display flow rate and totalized flow
  • Optional flow monitor for feed verification
  • Universally compatible PVDF liquid ends
  • Analog output of feed rate eliminates need to check on the pump
  • New Protimer software for programming timer from PC
  • Access Codes to prevent unauthorized adjustment
  • Capable of handling up to 3000 cps for highly viscous media such as polymers

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