ProMinent Corrosion Coupon Rack Corrosion Monitoring System

ProMinent® Corrosion Coupon Rack Corrosion Monitoring System for Visual Inspection of Coupons

Corrosion monitoring system 
ProMinent® introduces a new Corrosion Coupon Rack designed for monitoring corrosion in cooling towers and boiler applications. The pre-engineered system is mounted on a backplane with 1” PVC piping. Includes visual inspection of coupons using clear PVC piping.


  • Cooling Water
  • Condensate Loops
  • Chiller Systems
  • Low Pressure Boilers


  • 2 and 4 coupon design
  • 1” PVC sch 80, Maximum 150psi/120°F
  • Will accommodate 3/4” and 1” coupon holders
  • Mounted on 3/8” PE backplane
  • Y-strainer standard on all models
  • Clear PVC for visual inspection of coupons
  • Foam covers on clear PVC piping to prevent algae growth


  • Rotameter, 10 GPM
  • Check Valve
  • Dole Valve, 5 GPM
  • Globe Valve


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