Fisher-Klosterman provides baghouse at Rock Quarry

Fisher-Klosterman® supplied a half-million dollar baghouse project for
an Oklahoma rock quarry. The system includes two (2) 100,000 cfm dual
baghouses designed to capture rock dust ventilated from conveyors,
blenders, crushers and screening equipment. Fisher-Klosterman® obtained
the order because of its ability to supply a durable and competitive
design for this abrasive application. With proven and rugged cyclone,
baghouse, and Buell Classifiers products; Fisher Klosterman®, is well
suited to solve the dust collection and product recovery needs of the
rock products industry.

  • Design Conditions:
  • 100,000 acfm @ ambient conditions, 5:1 air-to-cloth ratio
  • Features:
  • Dual module collector
  • Carbon steel construction with AR plate inlet baffle
  • Walk-in plenum access to top loading filters
  • Complete air pulse system with controls
  • Polyester filters, mild steel cages
  • Outdoor supports
  • Access steel
  • Trough hopper with level detection
  • Screw conveyer
  • Rotary airlock
  • System exhaust fan
  • Benefits of
    ® Fabric Collectors
  • Custom engineered to meet specific application requirements
  • Materials of construction include mild steel, stainless steel
    and alloys, aluminum or FRP
  • Filter media includes polyester, fiberglass, cotton, acrylic,
    Nomex®, Teflon®, Ryton®, etc.
  • Design options include standard bags, cartridges and pleated
    filter elements
  • Fisher-Klosterman can design for abrasion resistance, high
    temperature or pressure, explosion venting per NFPA, ASME code

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