Duall DivisionBeta NOx 2000 addresses opacity issue and destroys reddish brown NOx plume

Facility and process engineers at William's Advanced Materials in Buffalo, New York, needed to replace an older, inefficient scrubber system. A newer high tech absorber would be required to remove both HNO3 and HCl vapors and aerosols as well as the reddish brown NOx plume that resulted from their precious metals finishing operations.

After a thorough evaluation process, a few pre-approved suppliers were invited to visit the plant for a detailed technical presentation of their equipment. Duall was then selected to provide the unique Beta NOx 2000tm scrubber system, complete with high efficiency multi-stage mist eliminator to control acid aerosols.

Duall immediately sent a design team to the plant for site measurement and meetings with the Operations and Maintenance Managers. Duall's responsibility subsequently increased to provide a complete electro-mechanical turn-key installation.

In order to minimize costs for the customer, Duall modified an existing support structure for the new column and also utilized the existing exhaust stack. Complete installation and startup was accomplished in less than one week. A remote recirculation system allowed for critical instrumentation to be located indoors, out of the cold Buffalo weather, with easy access for plant operators.

Present Status
Elimination of ugly reddish brown NOx plume, and of the grayish white acid fog has helped William's Advanced Metals to maintain their long standing reputation as a good neighbor and responsible corporate citizen. This system has operated as designed since June of 1999.













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