Fisher-Klosterman provides bin vent for fumed silica manufacturing process

Fisher-Klosterman® was asked to design a bin vent for an intermediate
storage silo in a fumed silica manufacturing process. The gas stream has
a high presence of HCl, which makes stainless steel and most alloy
construction unsuitable. The body and top dome were supplied of dual
laminate FRP, while the tubesheet is epoxy coated Inconel 600, and the
pulse hardware is aluminum.

  • Design Conditions:
  • 1,059 acfm @ 185 degrees F
  • Inlet Loading:
  • 12.4 grains/acf
  • Air to Cloth Ratio:
  • 5.0:1
  • Why Fisher-Klosterman®
    Brand Bin Vents?
  • Custom engineered for specific applications
  • Non-standard features
  • Non-standard materials of construction
  • Responsive service to customer needs
  • Fisher-Klosterman® Fabric
  • Gas flows from 100 cfm
  • Complete packages can include ducting and fans
  • Temperatures to 900 degrees F
  • No project too small

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