Fisher-Klosterman bin vent provides dedusting in limited space

Customer had several bins they fill with catalyst on a continual
basis. A small filter was required to vent the displaced gas. Space and
head room was at a premium and they did not want to modify the bins.

A single pleated filter bin vent was designed to mount directly
on the customer’s bin ventilation flange. The filter housings are 304
stainless steel. A single solenoid valve/diaphragm valve is initiated by
a high pressure signal or timer. The use of a pleated filer gave the
same filter area as four felted bags, thus reducing the size of the unit
by 75%.

  • Design Conditions:
  • Up to 100 cfm at ambient conditions
  • Features:
  • Side access door
  • Washable filter
  • Timed or automatic cleaning
  • Options:
  • Top mounted fan, hopper, pulse pipe with valve for manual
  • Carbon steel, stainless steel or alloys

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