Duall Division PT-510 Wet Scrubbers Installed for Semiconductor Plant House Ventilation

Project managers at the Texas Instruments West Building in Sherman, Texas needed a new scrubber yard to replace some older existing systems and allow for added flow capacity.

They required three (3) new 20,000 CFM scrubbers with internal recirculation and redundant pumps uniquely arranged with inlet and outlet plenums and dampening systems so that two or three systems could be operating simultaneously to acept the full flow from the house ventilation duct system. 

Texas Instruments also required three (3) direct drive 125 HP fans with VFD's an unique inlet and outlet plenums, to continously maintain pressure and flow from the house ventilation.  Any two of the three fans were required to have the capacity to ventilate the plant.

Under limited budget constraints for engineering and equipment, the Texas Instruments project managers united with the Duall professional engineers to develop specifications and equipment scope of supply. Due to Duall's experience, reputation for quality, competitive pricing and detailed knowledge of the project, Duall was awarded the equipment contract. Duall subsequently provided the specified scrubbers and fans in December 1998.

Present Status
These reliable Duall systems have provided uninterrupted service during full production since start-up.
















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