PVC dryer exhausts use Fisher-Klosterman XQ cyclones and MS scrubbers

Fisher-Klosterman® supplied the product recovery and air pollution
control equipment for two stationary fluid bed PVC powder drying
systems. The equipment was supplied for expansions at facilities in
Louisiana and Texas. XQ series cyclones capture the bulk of the solids
while MS venturi scrubbers meet the stringent emission requirements. The
corrosive process required that all product contact surfaces be
fabricated of 317L stainless steel. The dual arrangement cyclones were
highly polished and dimple jacketed in an effort to prevent
condensation, buildup and plugging. A unique manufacturing process was
employed to ensure a very competitive yet profitable project. Thin sheet
metal was resistance welded in strategic locations to backing plate.
This double layer plate was cut, formed, fit-up, and welded into
cyclones. Thin sheet was then pressured and inflated to form the
dimples. Our compact scrubbers each included a horizontal venturi
section, integral recirculation tank, flow straightener, top mounted
exhaust stack and access steel.

  • Design Conditions (Per
  • 74,660 ACFM at 134°F
  • 12,828 lb/hr dust loading
  • Warranty:
  • < 0.5 lb/hr emissions
  • @< 24” H2O ΔP375 GPM water rate
  • Why Fisher-Klosterman® air
    pollution control equipment?
  • Custom engineered for your specific application requirements
  • Performance warranties available
  • Cyclone, scrubber, packed tower and fabric collector product
  • Worldwide installations

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