Duall Division scrubber systems and exhaust hoods utilize Corzan CPVC construction


OSRAM-Sylvania Corporation has lighting manufacturing facilities in both Versailles, Kentucky and Luquillo, Puerto Rico. At both locations, high temperature HCl and HF processes are used to etch glass and other lighting components. The process baths are extremely concentrated and operated at temperatures exceeding 180°F which create highly corrosive, submicronic aerosol mists. These volatile mists are extremely agressive. They cause dangerous and unbearable conditions for etching room workers and corrosive attack to all metal surfaces within the etching room including expensive process equipment and ceiling joists. OSRAM-Sylvania management contacted Duall Division, Met-Pro Corporation of Owosso, Michigan, a certified Corzantm CPVC fabricator, to address these problems.

At the Versailles, Kentucky facility, Duall provided an inlet gas quench and F-105 scrubber constructed of Corzantm CPVC to treat the hot acid emissions. Due to significant space limitations, the low profile, cross flow horizontal F-105 was selected because of its perfect fit within the low ceiling basement of the plant.

At the Liquillo, Puerto Rico plant, numerous hot HCl exhaust hoods are constructed of Corzantm because it provides long term corrosion resistance at high temperatures.The scrubber utilizes a vertical, counter flow PT-505 installed outdoors. It is constructed of DUALLast FRP with PVC inner corosion barrier for the maximum combination of corrosion resistance, structural integrity and weatherability under intense exposure to sunlight and ocean breezes.

Present Status
Both systems continue to operate as designed.

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