On-Site Test Blows Away Skepticism of Torit PowerCore® Cleanability

"But will it pulse clean?" was the facility manager's first question
when he was introduced to a PowerCore® filter pack from Donaldson®

"The theory behind PowerCore is technically valid but the media looks
strange compared to a baghouse filter," he commented. "I doubted the
narrow channels of the media pack could be pulsed cleaned."

The facility manager agreed to test Torit® PowerCore® at his grain
processing facility, in a high-dust area that sees a variety of particle
sizes, from very small (submicron) to large.

Positioned over the silo loading chutes, the PowerCore filter packs
captured dust until the pressure drop increased to 4 "w.g (pressure drop
expressed in inches water gauge) and triggered the cleaning mechanism.
This sends a pulse of clean air back through the filter packs to blow
off collected particulate. After only 3 pulses, the pressure drop fell
to the low set point of 1 "w.g. This quick pressure drop recovery was
seen repeatedly.

"Our trials indicated that the filter packs are able to purge very
well," the manager commented.

The main reason for the filter packs get cleaned well is that they
are constructed with Donaldson's advanced nanofiber filter media,
Ultra-Web® . This microscopic 'web" layer, bonded to a sturdy
substrate, captures most of the particulate on the surface of the media,
allowing dust to be more easily pulsed off during the cleaning cycle of
the collector.

Another reason for the consistently successful pulse-cleaning is
Donaldson's patent-pending Compact Oblique Pulse Cleaning System
on Torit PowerCore. Designed to match the obround
shape of the filter pack, the pulse energy spans the entire media pack,
cleaning all areas without wasting energy.

After testing the cleanablility to his satisfaction, this facility
manager ordered two Torit PowerCore bin vents units to capture dust from
the grain conveying system in the barage loadout operation.

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