Warren Rupp HDB pumps eliminate premature diaphragm failures in slurry service

Clay Slurry tears a AODD pump diaphragmWarren Rupp's Heavy Duty Ball (HDB) Series air-operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps are ideal for pumping slurries and other liquids that tend to settle out when a pump shuts down. Here's why.

A standard AODD pump design locates the check valves above and below the diaphragms as shown in the illustration at right.

On shutdown, a slurry or other liquid containing settlingTorn AODD pump diaphragm-prone solids will begin to separate. The result is a pumping chamber half-filled with the water or other liquid being pumpedOperation of Warren Rupp's HDB Series Pump with Bottom Porting and half-filled with the slurry or other solids. The typical example is an end-of-day shutdown. On restart, the pump now must now mix the two components. The result is premature diaphragm wear or even tearing as shown at left. Once a diaphragm tears, the sensitive air side components are subjected to the process fluid contamination.

The Warren Rupp HDB Series of pumps are the only AODD pumps available with variable porting options (side, top, bottom and dual). In this application, the slurry would settle in the manifold and elbows. The chambers would remain filled with water, avoiding excessive diaphragm wear and tearing.

Also, HDB Series pumps feature design improvements specifically for this and other demanding services. Diaphragm wear pads increase the material thickness of the diaphragms at critical wear areas. Weighted check balls minimize ball float in heavy and viscous fluids and minimize solids packing around the valve seat. Thicker pilot-valve actuator pins and pilot valve bushings are much less likely to bending under heavy loads and are longer-wearing.

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