Fluid Engineering solves dust problem on breader line

Donaldson Torit DFO 2-24 Collector

Applying spices and flour on a breading line is a dusty operation. A dusty production floor creates creates productivity issues for your team members and increases cleanup costs at sanitation time. Fluid Engineering can help you solve this problem with a properly designed dust collection system to capture the dust where it is released and convey it through a properly designed dust collection system to capture the dust where it is released and convey it through a properly designed duct system to a Donaldson Torit cartridge collector located outside the plant.

We provide best available control technology and proven designs. The Torit cartridge collector provides the collection efficiency required to recirculate the cleaned and cooled air back into your plant. The collector uses pulse-jet compressed air for on-demand cartridge cleaning. You do not have to shut down the unit for cleaning. The collected dust is discharged into 55-gallon drums for easy disposal.

The system is designed to interface with your line integration. It has design features that prevent water entering the system during sanitation. The system is designed for optimum performance with the least amount of maintenance while being energy efficient. Every detail is covered. We insure that your sanitation regiment does not adversely effect the operation of our system.

No system is complete without proper installation. We offer turnkey installation of the hoods, duct, collector, compressed air piping and electrical when requested. We work with contractors who understand the special needs of food processing.

Duct design is important. All systems are designed to prevent settling of dust in the duct. Our systems are designed for a constant air velocity without using slidegates for air balance. This design is more energy efficient, and does not allow team members to adjust the system as they see fit.

All duct, clamps, gaskets, and flexible tubing are USDA approved. The duct system is designed to be disassembled for cleaning when required without tools. Replacement fittings are readily available should they be required.

Hood design is critical. The hood must capture the dust where it is released. It also must not interfere with production and quick machine adjustments. Fluid Engineering will watch your production and discuss designs with you to insure a trouble free design with the least impact on your production. All hoods are designed for easy access and removal when required for sanitation.

Total system responsibility is the key to a successful system. Fluid Engineering provides Total System Responsibility. Let us solve your dust problem so you can get back to what you do best, providing quality food products.

If you are ready to solve your dust problem, increase team member production and decrease your sanitation costs, contact Fluid Engineering at 800-841-9944.

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