Taylor Products VB Series Box / Drum / Pail Filler

Taylor Products VB Series Box / Drum / Pail Filler

The Taylor VB Series is engineered to accurately fill boxes, small drums, pails and buckets. Features include a 15 cubic foot product hopper, adjustable two speed vibratory feeder and roller scale base with electronic load cell. Unit is mounted on heavy duty support frame.

Fill Boxes/Drums/Pails with Accuracy and Ease

  • Powders
  • Granular products
  • 10 lb to 125 lb capacity
  • Up to 8 boxes/drums/pails per minute


48.0 in x 24.0 in x 32.0 in
Up to 8 BPM
± 0.2 lbs
Weight Range 10 – 125 lbs
Load Cell with Digital Display
Carbon Steel Blasted and Painted
Electrical Requirements
110 V, single phase
Popular Options Stainless Steel Product Contact Surfaces, Feeder Cutoff Gate, Indexing Conveyor for Fully-Automatic Operation

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