Taylor Products Model TRV1000: Robotic Bag Placer

Taylor Products Model TRV100: Robotic Bag Placer

The TRV1000 Robotic Valve Bag Placer is the latest in innovation from Taylor Products. This placer offers the latest in robotic technology through Taylor Product’s unique relationship with FANUC Robotics. FANUC is the world’s largest robotics producer, and has built a reputation for cutting edge technology. The placer is capable of placing bags on multiple machines, being mounted in multiple positions, and customizable to your specific application.

Robotic Valve Bag Placement with Speed and Precision

  • Direct labor savings and improved personnel scheduling and utilization
  • Multiple mounting positions, compact size and small footprint facilitate placement in tight surroundings
  • Dust and water resistant design maximize durability
  • Flexibility to handle multiple sized products with one robot
  • Requires minimal programming and maintenance


113.25 in x 118.25 in x 100.00 in
System can process up to 20 bags per minute (dependent on number and type of valve bagging equipment)
Configuration Single or multi spout/machine
Electrical Requirements 460 Volt, 3 ph, 40 amps
Air Requirements 25 SCFM @ 80/100 psi
Robotic Arm Axes 6
Mounting Method Inverted, wall, angle, overhead


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