Mine Ventilation Achieved in Different Ways

Mine Ventilation Achieved in Different Ways

Aerovent is helping ventilate mines using two very different fans. A 144" diameter HVLP Ring Fan is placed at the end of a mine shaft to circulate air. The 387,000 CFM fan runs at 1/8" SP with a 100 HP motor. The fan is built on a skid in order to move it to different locations if desired, since there is no ductwork.

The second type of fan is a 250,000 CFM 807 DWDI centrifugal fan running at 41/2" SP with a 300 HP motor. The fan is installed in a gypsum mine that has shafts at different levels. It moves fresh air to specific areas within the mine using a duct system. The DWDI centrifugal fan was chosen over a SW fan for numerous reasons. The DW fan is not as high as the SW. In addition, the fan is quieter due to inlets on both sides. It was also easier to install and less costly to ship.

Though the fans are very different, they are being used in the same type of air circulation application.

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