ProMinent DULCOTEST® Sensors

ProMinent® DULCOTEST® Sensors

Continuous, on-line process variable measurement

ProMinent® offers a wide array of sensors that are tailor-made to accomodate a wide array of process applications.

The DULCOTEST® amperometric sensor technology provides for continuous on-line monitoring and controlling of your process system without cumbersome reagents and periodic sampling.

ProMinent DULCOTEST® glass sensors for pH, redox and temperature incorporate technology that ensures accuracy and reliability in most municipal and industrial applications.

ProMinent conductivity sensors offer reliable measurement of both inductive and conductive measuring ranges.

Measured process variables

DULCOTEST® amperometric sensors

  • free chlorine
  • total chlorine
  • chlorine dioxide
  • chlorite bromine
  • peracetic acid
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • ozone
  • dissolved oxygen

DULCOTEST® sensors

  • pH
  • redox
  • fluoride
  • temperature

DULCOTEST® conductivity sensors

  • inductive
  • conductive

ProMinent® Process, Measurement and Control

D1C and DMT control & monitoring


Complete measurement & control package


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