Aerovent Provides the Custom Cure

Aerovent Provides the Custom Cure

Aerovent was recently contacted by a customer for assistance with an environmental control project for a warehouse facility.

For this application, quality standards require storage conditions that allow proper curing of the product in this warehouse. Control of this curing process has historically been unscientific with manual monitoring of environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, and limited availability of mechanical ventilation.

Aerovent recently supplied equipment as part of a package designed to provide the pattern of air movement required to maintain optimal environmental conditions in this warehouse facility. Six 40,000 CFM ventilation units were supplied. A 60″ reversible beltdriven TABD tubeaxial fan was combined with an access / transition section, motor-operated shutoff damper, and inlet hood. Three of the units also included steam coils.

The units will be installed on equipment pads outside the facility and will be used in combination with roof-mounted air intakes and ceiling fans. A PLC-based control system is designed to automatically turn individual units on and off, switch between exhaust and supply modes, and add heat as required based on temperature and humidity levels.

This unit design is a modification of Aerovent’s standard Modular Steam Air Make-Up and an example of our willingness to design and build custom equipment to meet our customer’s needs. Good teamwork between Prime Air Products, Ohio’s AMU office, Minneapolis, and Aberdeen allowed us to meet the customer’s five week leadtime requirements.

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