Fisher-Klosterman XQ Series Cyclones allow higher temperature and lower chemical use

The client manufactures foam insulation board used for home
construction. The product is cured in ovens that use recirculated hot
air streams. When the system was operated at the desired process
temperature of 160 degrees, pieces of the insulation would catch on the
duct heating elements and start fires. Consequently, the client was
forced to run the system at only 110 degrees, which greatly increased
the amount of chemicals required in the curing process. The client
approached Fisher-Klosterman® to determine a way to remove these
insulation pieces from the recirculated air stream. XQ465 cyclones were
successfully supplied and installed by Fisher-Klosterman to catch the
insulation pieces and dust. The client is now able to run at the desired
process temperature and the project will pay for itself in a short time
due to savings in chemical use.

  • Design Conditions:
  • 8,500 acfm @ 160 degrees F
  • 3 inches H2O Delta P
  • Features:
  • Mild steel
  • Quickseals
  • Scroll outlets
  • Insulation
  • Ductwork
  • Installation
  • Why XQ Series Cyclones?
  • Custom engineered for your specific application requirements.
    Available in all available materials of construction.
  • Wide range of gas flows available (1 to >100,000 cfm)
  • Efficiencies up to 99.99%
  • Available accessories: dual or quad arrangements, refractory
    and ceramic linings, polished welds and surfaces, break-apart
    construction, explosion venting, ASME code construction, clean-in-place,
    support stands, transitions, discharge valves, insulation, access
    doors, ductwork, fans, installation services, system design

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