Fisher-Klosterman MS Scrubber Meets EPA emission limits for dryer vent gas

Fisher-Klosterman® was approached by a large building products company
to supply a collector to reduce the emissions of calcium carbonate and
flyash from a dryer, that currently exceeded the allowable EPA limits.
Fisher-Klosterman® received a representative sample of the fine dust and
measured its particle size distribution. Wet scrubbing was recommended
due to the high probability of filter plugging and the ability of the
customer to recycle the scrubber discharge slurry back into their
process. Using the particle size data, and taking into account the
customer’s space limitations and delivery requirements,
Fisher-Klosterman® proposed an MS scrubber package complete with a fan,
recirculation system, and control system. The equipment was purchased,
installed, and the result was a tested success. The customer has
purchased several subsequent units from Fisher-Klosterman.

  • Design Conditions:
  • 5,000 acfm @ 600 degrees F
  • 500 lb/hr H2O
  • Dust Loading = 0.25 lb/hr
  • Scrubber Delta P = 12” W.C.
  • Dust Loading = 0.25 lb/hr
  • Guaranteed Efficiency = 99%
  • Tested Efficiency = 99.5%
  • Why Fisher-Klosterman®
    Brand Package Scrubbers?
  • Custom engineered for your specific application requirements
  • Responsive service before and after the sale
  • MS Series Package
    Scrubber System
  • Wide range of gas flows: 500 acfm to 7000 acfm
  • Complete system can be supplied, including: fan, pump,
    recycle tank, structural steel, control panel, instrumentation, piping,
    adjustable venturi, fan inlet box and interconnecting ductwork
  • Shippable skid mounted units cut installation cost
  • Efficiencies up to 99.99%
  • Factory assembled, pre-wired and tested

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