Warren Rupp SANDPIPER Pumps a "Sound Choice" on Rainwater Runoff

Warren Rupp SANDPIPER® Pumps a “Sound Choice” on Rainwater Runoff

Problem Overview: An Alabama producer of audio and video storage media products has put safeguards in place to protect the environment and their personnel in the event that an upset condition were to happen within their facility. To achieve this, the customer installed a sump system around the perimeter of its facility to catch both rain water and production fluids. This extra insurance helps to prevent unwelcome fluids from entering the City of Dothan’s sewer system and contacting the grounds outside the plant site. In 1991, three model SA2-A Flap Valve pumps were installed to handle the task of pumping out this sump system, ensuring employee safety as well as a cleaner, safer environment.

Solution Overview:  Three Warren Rupp SANDPIPER® flap valve pumps had provided 18 years of operation. The maintenance manager decided that these three units had reached the end of their service life and the time had come to replace them. He had many options but knew in this application reliability, excellent priming capabilities,  and the ability to handle solids were a must. Satisfied with the life and performance of the original three units, he again looked to the Warren Rupp – SANDPIPER Flap Valve pump to sucessfully and safely do the job.

The Story:  The maintenance manager and Bill Young of Fluid Engineering selected the SANDPIPER® Model HDF2, DV5A with it’s all-Aluminum construction and FKM elastomers to handle this demanding duty. With the Heavy Duty Wear Package components of the HDF pump they will realize even longer wear life from the diaphragms. The customer can still utitilize most of its parts inventory for the pumps and did not need to change or re-configure any piping on this project. Jerry Williams, the maintenance manager, said, “I know when I build one of these pumps that when it goes back into service that it will just work.” Its ruggedness and On-Off-On reliability have served the customer well for almost two decades, and that is why when it finally came time to replace the pumps it was an easy decision for them to again trust the design and features of this bottom discharged ported pump.

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