ProMiment Chlorite packages

ProMiment® Chlorite packages

Reagentless Monitoring and control of chlorite! 
ProMinent® DULCOMETER® Chlorite analyzers provide precise monitoring or controlling of process variables for water and wastewater applications. DULCOMETER® products encompass a complete range of quality instrumentation from single channel transmitters to multi-channel disinfection controllers.

Gone are the days of expensive and time consuming laboratory analysis. The on-line process sample point for chlorite (patent pending) from ProMinent® directly monitors or controls the production of chlorite from water that is being treated with chlorine dioxide. Oxidation and disinfection using chlorine dioxide can lead to excess amounts of chlorite being generated as an unwanted by-product. The D1C Chlorite Analyzer from ProMinent® provides accurate and reliable analysis to keep your process within pre-determined values (EPA: 0.8 PPM) 24 hours a day.

Features and Benefits

  • On-line analysis of chlorite in real time with no reagents
  • Selective amperometric measurement with no cross-sensitivity to chlorine dioxide, chlorine or chlorate
  • Easy to install Chlorite packaged system
  • Not sensitive to fluctuations in temperature due to integrated temperaure compensation
  • Long sensor life due to diaphragm protected electrodes
  • Proven technology from ProMinent’s long line of amperometric sensors and D1C controllers
  • Simple calibration with DT4 test kit

ProMinent® Chlorite Sensor Specification


Measured variable
Chlorite (ClO2)
Area of application
Potable water, water
similar to potable water
Measurement range
CLT 1 mA 0.5 ppm: 0.02-0.5 mg/l
CLT 1 mA 2 ppm: 0.1-2 mg/l
CLT 1 mA 0.5 ppm: 0.01 ppm
CLT 1 mA 2 ppm: 0.02 ppm
Response time T90
Approx. 60 s (with increasing and
decreasing concentration)
pH range
Conductivity range
0/05-5 mS/cm
Temperature range
34°- 104°F
Negligible to chlorine dioxide,
chlorine and chlorate
Diaphragm cap PPE,
Electrode shaft: PVC
Power supply
16-24 V DC; min 35 mA at 16 V DC
Output signal
4-20 mA (uncalibrated, temperature-
compensated, no dynamic isolation)
Ambient temperature
41°- 122°F
Storage temperature
41°- 122°F
Protection system
IP 65


DULCOMETER® D1C controller

Power supply
115/230 V (50/60 Hz)
Disturbance signal activation
 for flow
Control input  Pause (for disconnection of the
controller in the event of fault)
Signal output
 2 freely programmable output
Relay output
 for alarm and 2 limit values
Pump control
 for 2 pumps
Control characteristic
 Proportional PID

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