Fybroc Division Self-Priming Pumps

Fybroc Division
Self-Priming Fiberglass Pumps


  • Capacities to 1400 GPM
  • Heads to 300 feet
  • Integral priming chamber High Strength Casing
  • Integral Flanges
  • Six Standard Sizes

These self-primers combine efficiency with excellent priming times. Substantial parts interchangeability with series 1500 pumps. Available in six sizes with capacities to 1400 GPM and heads to 300 feet.

The Fybroc Series 1600 fiberglass pump is designed to handle the demands of corrosive waste sump transfer, tank car unloading and other difficult self-priming applications.

The fiberglass components are manufactured utilizing the Resin Transfer Molding technique which enables complete control of the fiberglass reinforcement in high stress areas. Metallic pump components are NOT in contact with process fluids.


 1. FIBERGLASS CONSTRUCTION of all wetted parts in vinyl ester resin provides tough corrosion-resistance for a wide range of difficult liquids..
 2. SELF-PRIMING CASING with generous hydraulic passages affords excellent priming performance without the use of check valves.
 3. GUSSETED FLANGES are integrally molded with the casing to easily support plant piping loads.
 4. VERSATILE CASING COVER permits the use of the most popular outside and double inside mechanical seals or packing to suit specific applications.
 5. REPLACEABLE VOLUTE EXTENSION restores priming efficiency and permits simple hydraulic changes in the field.
 6. INLET SIZED TO MINIMIZE NPSH requirements, increasing the maximum available lift.
 7. INTEGRAL SHAFT SLEEVE design eliminates gaskets and O-rings. Optional, separate fiberglass or metal shaft sleeves are also available.
 8. LARGE CAPACITY BEARINGS ensure extended operating life in excess of the minimum specified by ANSI/ASME B73.1.
 9. EXTERNAL IMPELLER ADJUSTMENT allows field setting of impeller to casing clearance.
10. HEAVY-DUTY SHAFT minimizes deflection to maximize mechanical seal life.
11. POLYESTER THERMOSETTING POWDER COATED POWER FRAME components prevent external corrosion.
12. INTERCHANGEABILITY WITH FYBROC SERIES 1500 ANSI PUMP simplifies parts and maintenance requirements. Refer to Fybroc Bulletin 15B1 for a complete description of this
product line.
13. LABRYINTH OIL SEALS nickel plated bronze for longer life. Improved oil containment.

The Fybroc Series 1600 is designed to provide superior priming characteristics. In many cases, the Series 1600 primes in as little as half the time of the other self-primers. To achieve priming, liquid from an external source is initially introduced into the empty pump through the fill plug, filling the casing to the suction flange. When the pump is started, the impeller discharges a mixture of liquid and entrained air into the discharge chamber, where the air is seperated and vented through the discharge while the heavier liquid is returned to the impeller through the inlet port at teh bottom of the volute. The priming liquid entrains more air in the suction chamber and the cycle continues until the suction line is evacuated, at which time the pump is “primed”.

An important feature of the Series 1600 is its replaceable volute extension. The casing volute cutwater in any self-priming pump must be in close proximity to the impeller in order to permit efficient priming. The removable volute extension in the Series 1600 unit is available in a number of sizes to match specific impeller diameters permitting field hydraulic changes without casing modifications. The volute extension is bolted into the casing through the use of fiberglass hardware and sealed with a Viton O-ring.

The Series 1600 is furnished with all wetted components made of fiberglass-reinforced vinyl ester resin, which offers broad corrosion resistance to most acids, caustics, bleaches, seawater and many other liquids. The pumps are built with type 303 stainless steel shafts and hardware, Viton O-rings, and polyester thermosetting powder coated cast iron bearing frame components. Corrosion-resistant, fiberglass reinforced vinyl ester resin baseplates are also available for all Series 1600 pumps. Each baseplate incorporates a sloping catch basin, eliminating expensive alloy drip pans or rim baseplates. All baseplates are predrilled to accept standard NEMA/IEC frame motors. For further information on corrosion resistance to specific chemicals, please refer to this website.

Component Materials
Casing VR-1, VR-1 BPO-DMA, EY-2
Impeller VR-1, VR-1 BPO-DMA, EY-2
Cover VR-1, VR-1 BPO-DMA, EY-2
Gland VR-1, VR-1 BPO-DMA, EY-2
Shaft 303SS (Optional 316SS)
Bearing Hsg. Polyester Thermosetting Powder Coated Iron
Adapter Polyester Thermosetting Powder Coated Iron
Hardware 303SS (Optional hardware available)
O-Rings Viton A (Optional elastomers are available)

Consult Factory for materials availability for your specific pump size.


  • Capacities to1400 GPM
  • Heads to 300 feet
  • Integral priming chamber
  • Integral Flanges
  • Six Standard Sizes

The benefits of the close coupled pump are integrated with the features of the series 1600 pump. Six sizes with capacities to 1400 GPM and heads to 300 feet.

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