Fisher-Klosterman redesigns competitor's cyclone and wet scrubber

Fisher-Klosterman® was asked to modify the design on an existing
Cyclone and Wet Scrubber supplied by a competitor in order to obtain a
better collection efficiency and minimize the liquid carry over at new
reduced gas flow conditions. The Cyclone and Scrubber were modified with
minimum fieldwork by changing internal components only.
Fisher-Klosterman® also provided a recycle pump skid assembly for the
project that, which included pumps, piping, valves, and strainers. The
result after modifications was a tested success.

  • Design Conditions:
  • Original: 67,875 ACFM @ 170°F
  • Modified: 52,900 ACFM @ 140°F
  • Cyclone Pressure Drop = 5.6” W.C.
  • Scrubber Pressure Drop = 8” W.C.
  • Why Fisher-Klosterman® engineering services?
  • Detail operation and design knowledge of Cyclones, Scrubbers,
    Baghouses, Packed Towers, and Classifiers
  • On-site internal design modifications to meet customer
    revised performance requirements
  • Responsive service before and after modifications
  • Quality + Performance = Value
  • Fisher-Klosterman® Scrubber
  • Wide range of Venturi throat designs, liquid introduction,
    and moisture separator designs to meet specific applications
  • Complete system responsibility: Fan, pump, piping and valves,
    instruments, control panel, duct, stack, platform and ladder
  • Combination of quench / dust removal / gas absorption in one
    compact unit.
  • Efficiencies up to 99.99%

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