Smoot: 3-Position Slide Diverter Valve

3-Position Slide Diverter Valve

This patented Smoot valve is legendary for its reliability. It features a unique sealing method, which uses regulated compressed air applied to the sealing rings, which results in an airtight seal between the inlet and outlet ports.

Divert from one line to three, with patented valve design

  • Unique model design features minimal line deflection and full port flow for low pressure drop
  • Pipe or tube sizes 2 in. through 6 in. available
  • Bi-directional (Divert or Converge)
  • Air tight / dust tight
  • Pressure or Vacuum Applications
  • High Pressure (100 PSI Dense Phase) and high temperature (185°F Continuous) options available
  • Carbon steel (standard) or stainless steel product contact points

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