ProMiment Ammonia Analyzer

ProMiment® Ammonia Analyzer

Reagentless Monitoring of Dissolved NH
Continuous on-line measurement of ammonia using pH appropriate sensor technology. Uses specific sensor adapted to operational pH range to ensure correct measurement. Determine free ammonia, total ammonia, and NH3-N for control and reporting purposes. Complete system mounted on wall mountable back panel to facilitate installation. Sample header includes ammonia sensor, pH sensor, and temperature sensor.


  • Potable water
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Cooling towers and chillers
  • Nitrification processes

Features and Benefits

  • No reagents needed for continuous on-line monitoring.
  • Measures ammonia concentration and logs values
  • Two point calibration of sensor at startup.
  • Ethernet communication
  • SCADA interface through 4-20 mA outputs or optional MODBUS
  • Menu driven inputs for measurements and calibration
  • Alarm capability on ammonia excursions
  • Data logging and Trackster technology



Ammonia Sensor: Potentiometric with gas-permeable membrane
Fixed temperature sensor:
Thermal compensation for both pH and ammonia measurements
pH sensor: Displays value and provides compensation for ammonia sensor.
4-20 mA current outputs: DC isolated, assignable to measured variables
4 max. manual inputs: Assignable for user convenience
Communications interface: HTML, TCP/IP Ethernet LAN optionsl, Micro web server with static IP, Modbus optional
Keypad – LCD: 5 key tactile feedback, 2 line backlit display
Power: 120 or 230 vac, 50/60 Hz
Fusing for 5 AC loads: 5 amps @ 120 VAC or 2.5 amps @ 230 VAC
Surge suppression: Relay 2-5 N.O. contacts snubbed @ 0.1 uF, 150 ohm
Accessory power: 15-22 VDC, unregulated, thermally fused @ 50 mA
Enclosure: Non-metallic, NEMA 4X, 190 mmW x 287 mmH x 140 mmD
Certifications: UL/CSA (CE pending)




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