Warren Rupp and Fluid Engineering Provide Rugged Mining Duty AOD Pumps for Above and Below Ground Se

Warren Rupp and Fluid Engineering Provide Rugged Mining Duty AOD Pumps for Above and Below Ground Service

Fluid Engineering is proud to represent Warren Rupp and its full line of mine duty pumps for both above and below ground applications.

Warren Rupp Standard Duty Metallic Pumps are ideal for mine duty applications. They are well-suited for on-demand portable, moderately abrasive fluids, and suspended solids. Standard duty metallic pumps are constructed in Aluminum, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel and Alloy C with elastomer, TPE check valve options. suited for on-demand, portable, moderately abrasive (thermal plastic elastomer) and PTFE diaphragm and check valve options. Accessories such as strainer bases are available options with standard duty pumps.

Warren Rupp Heavy Duty Metallic Pumps build on the standard duty pumps, adding variable porting configurations with bottom discharge for solids-laden fluids that settle out of suspension. Weighted check balls eliminate "ball float." Heavy Duty Wear Package extends mean time between failures (MTBF).

SANDPIPER® UL Pumps are designed to meet UL79 (Underwriters Laboratory) standards for diaphragm pumps handling flammable liquids. The pump features all aluminum construction with approved Buna or Virgin PTFE elastomers and is fully groundable to prevent static discharge. In addition, SANDPIPER Pumps are ATEX100A Compliant together making SAFETY our utmost concern.

Standard Duty Non-Metallic Pumps are ideally suited for highly corrosive fluids, intermittent/on-demand, portable, low abrasive fluids, and suspended solids for mining chemical duty. Standard duty non-metallic pumps are constructed in Polypropylene, PVDF, Conductive Acetal and Conductive Polypropylene with TPE (thermal plastic elastomers) and PTFE options in diaphragms and check valves. Custom-designed skids, cages and packages are available from Warren Rupp and Fluid Engineering!

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