Smoot and Taylor Products: Coffee Industry Process Equipment

Fluid Engineering and Magnum Systems understand you want a pneumatic conveying and packaging process that provides a strong return on your investment. We’re not going to sell you solutions that don’t meet your standards and your process. We will work with you to customize your solution, even if it’s half apple and half orange. Dependable, versatile systems. Solutions that fit. It’s the foundation of our business.

The V-LINE is the latest innovation from Taylor Products. The V-LINE includes seven vertical form fill seal models which guarantee the right solution for your packaging application. All models are able to handle both ground and whole bean coffee applications, from pillow sample packs to 12 oz. square bottom bags.

  • Seven models to ensure proper solution
  • Nitrogen Purge
  • Vent Valve / Tape Application
  • Sample, Fraction, and Consumer Packs
  • 1 oz to 50 lbs
  • Date Coding / Bag Printing
  • Heat Sealable Laminates
  • Filter Paper Packs
  • No Proprietary Parts — off shelf components
  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminum & Electro Powder Coat Finish
  • More Value — Complete System — VFFS, Filler, Printer, and Exit Conveyor all included!!!
  • Baling 1, 2, and 3 columns widths, eliminating need for cardboard boxes and pre-made bags

Flexible Auger Conveyor
The Taylor Products Flexible Auger Conveyor is a simple, safe, and economical way of conveying coffee 4 ft. to 40 ft. It has the ability to handle green, roasted, whole, and ground coffee.

  • 4 ft to 40 ft convey distances
  • Transfer of raw, unroasted beans to roaster
  • Transfer finished beans from roaster to storage hoppers
  • Transfer from storage hopper to grinder
  • Transfer ground or roasted coffee from storage directly to packaging system

Pneumatic Conveying
Smoot Pneumatic Conveying systems have transferred coffee in some of the nation’s largest coffee plants. This expertise has been passed along to smaller coffee roasters and retailers, and today Smoot provides safe and dependable pneumatic conveying systems to the entire coffee industry.

  •  50 ft – 500 ft
  • 5,000 lbs per hour to 30,000 lbs per hour
  • Transferring green beans from truck to silo
  • Transferring roasted beans for grinding or packaging
  • Dilute phase conveying for green or roasted beans intended for ground coffee
  • Dense phase conveying for roasted whole beans which are going to be packaged

TE10 Electronic Scale
The Taylor Products TE-10 is a variable speed electronic scale designed for weighments of 2 oz. to 10 lbs. Its success in the coffee industry is due to its dependability, with over 1,000 units in operation. It is ideal for whole bean applications — capable of filling up to 18 bags per minute.

  • 20 oz to 10 lb capacity
  • Whole Bean applications
  • 10 to 12 12-oz bags per minute
  • Stainless Steel Touch Points
  • Two Speed Fill Available
  • Air operated cut off gates
  • Accuracy of 0.4%

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