Fisher-Klosterman high efficiency cyclones meet stringent emission regulations

Fluid Engineering is a proud partner of Fisher-Klosterman® and proudly represents its line of high-efficiency cyclones.

A major Louisiana lumber mill required replacement cyclones on its planer mill and wood hog system. Not only was the existing equipment worn out, but it also did not meet the current, more stringent, emission regulations. The mill, which produces 2×4 and 4×4 products for commercial resalers, provided sawdust and chip samples from both systems to Fisher-Klosterman®. By performing a particle size distribution on actual product, Fisher-Klosterman was able to design a system and provide overall collection efficiency guarantees. Fisher-Klosterman provided two cyclones, one support structure, and two new fans. Additionally, Fisher-Klosterman provided engineering design drawings to the customer as part of the contract. These drawings enabled the customer to source a contractor for supply and installation of ducting, stacks, vibration joints, supports and tie-ins to existing ductwork.

Design Conditions:
• Planer Mill: 40,000 cfm
• Hog System: 9,000 cfm
• Warranty – 99.9% on samples provided by customer

Benefits of Fisher-Klosterman® Air Pollution Control Systems
• Custom engineered to meet specific application requirements
• Worldwide experience
• Performance warranties available
• Products include cyclones, scrubbers, packed towers and fabric collectors

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