Duall: QuintEssential Scrubbing System Solves Odor Complaints

QuintEssential™ Scrubbing System Solves Odor Complaints

Master Chemical Corp., an international supplier of industrial cleaners, had received complaints from workers concerning the air quality within their facility. A neighboring resident had also lodged a complaint about the odor outside of the building. Master Chemical’s existing filter unit with exhaust fan plugged quickly, choking down air flow, and did not sufficiently remove odors.

The Challenge
Duall was contacted to help address the air quality concerns. A primary issue facing the Duall engineers was the fact that Master Chemical was producing a variety of products utilizing proprietary chemistry.

The Plan
Since the chemistry was unknown, Duall proposed to provide a complete pilot study utilizing a portable two-stage scrubber system. Duall provided personnel for set-up, gathered air and liquid samples, and sent data to an independent lab for evaluation.

Basis of Design
After reviewing the test results, Duall engineers were able to design a system that would treat the odors and also remove mists and aerosols to achieve a removal efficiency of 99% for particles greater than 2 microns. Because of the layout of the building and location of the mixing stations, the best design incorporated PVC collection ports at each station and a PVC trunk line to a vertical scrubber system located outside the building. The recirculation system was remotely mounted inside the building to prevent freezing of recirculation scrubbant.

Included in Duall’s QuintEssential™ (QE-V) System scope were a vertical scrubber, access platform, recirculation system, control panel, mixed flow exhauster, and PVC ductwork. Duall also provided the owner with start-up and training services.

The system was started-up and tested in the summer of 2001 and complied with all design criteria. The air quality inside has exceeded the workers expectations and neighbor complaints have ceased.

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