Smoot Vacuum Blower Package

Smoot Vacuum Blower Package

The workhorse of the pneumatic conveying industry today, the Positive Displacement Blower Package offers a cost effective reliable means of generating consistent airflows from 60 to 8,000 ICFM with vacuum levels up to 17 inches Hg. With nearly 50 years of industry experience, Smoot’s package design provides a package with easy maintenance access and reduced noise generation to meet even the most strident customer’s needs.


  • Premium grade discharge silencer
  • Inline air filter. Pleated polyester element with pre filter and vacuum rated canister
  • Spring loaded vacuum relief valve for mechanical safety relief
  • Vacuum breaker valve for efficient operation of system
  • Tubular carbon steel base construction, painted
  • V-Belt drive package with cover
  • Built around positive displacement blowers
  • Combination vacuum gauge and NEMA 4 vacuum switch
  • Includes a TEFC motor on an easily adjustable base


  • PD blower manufacturers utilized include MD-Tuthill, Roots, Gardner-Denver, Aerzen, Kaeser and others
  • Temperature gauges and sensors
  • Vacuum transmitters to send a continuous 4-20mA indication of the current vacuum level to a remote location
  • Sound enclosures to dampen noise to even lower levels if needed
  • Variable speed drive packages for easy adjustment of airflows



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